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Partner Russell Sherman Launches ‘Press Profiles’ Podcast

Russel Sherman Press Profiles

Russell Sherman, partner at Prosek and industry veteran, today launched the ‘Press Profiles’ podcast, a series featuring some of the most influential journalists in business news sharing their backstories, memorable moments, and latest perspectives on the news today.

Listen to the Trailer 

In the first episode of Press Profiles, Russell interviews Gary Silverman, US Financial Editor and a 20-year veteran at the Financial Times. The son of a crime reporter in Manhattan, Silverman’s passion for journalism began at an early age when questionable characters would call the house at all hours and young Gary would listen in to hear the scoop. He talks to us about his early days as a reporter, the changing face of journalism, “murder, money and cats” and his fantastic career at the Financial Times. 

Click here to hear: Gary Silverman: Mafia Turncoats, Scotch and Milk, and his fascinating career at the Financial Times 

Upcoming episodes in the series will include: 

  • Gary Silverman, US Financial Editor at the Financial Times
  • Greg Zuckerman, Special Writer at The Wall Street Journal
  • Christine Williamson, Senior Reporter at Pensions & Investments
  • Leslie Picker, Reporter at CNBC
  • Jason Kelly, Chief Correspondent at Bloomberg 

For more information on the series, visit: