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Prosek Hosts London Communicators Forum

Prosek Partners hosted the second of its Communicators Forum series in London this week (17th July) with headline speaker Daniel Godfrey, recently appointed CEO of the UK Investment Management Association (IMA). The forum was attended by 49 senior communication professionals and facilitated by Prosek Managing Director Andrew Waterworth.

In his remarks, Godfrey reflected on the profound breakdown of trust in the financial services industry and issued a “call to arms” to regain that trust. He implored the industry to take greater steps to prove its value and commitment to delivering better outcomes for investors.

During the lively discussion, Godfrey also talked about the importance of transparency in fee structures; the controversy over payments for corporate access; the role of asset managers in corporate governance; and the role the industry must fulfill in promoting better education in financial services.

The event is the second in a series hosted by Prosek that aims to set the standard for future engagement and communication between the IMA and its member firms.