The Most Powerful PR Firms of 2019

Observer 2019 PR Power ListProsek Partners

What does $27 trillion look like? Ask Prosek; its clients have that much in assets under management. The firm’s own stock has soared in 2019, so to speak; overall revenue grew 15%, Prosek’s headcount has soared 17% and a new “special situations” practice—crisis, to you and me—has grown 20% since its launch last November. Big-deal hires include David Wells, a Goldman Sachs CMO and partner at Prosek, Mike Del Vecchio, who joined as CFO from Interpublic, and SVP Trevor Gibbons, late of Joele Frank. Icing on the cake: Blackstone CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman tapped Prosek to tout What It Takes, his first book. It was everywhere. Bonus: That $27 trillion figure we cited is $10 trillion more than the United States GDP.

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