Unboxed Talks (Ep. 1) with Beth Comstock: Telling Your Brand Story, Your Way

Prosek Partners has launched Unboxed Talks, a new podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with today’s most interesting thinkers in financial communications about key trends and issues in the industry. In the first episode, Prosek Partner Russell Sherman, sits down with Beth Comstock, Former GE CMO & Vice Chair, author of the new book Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity, And the Power of Change and member of the Marketing and Advertising Hall of Fame. Beth shares with us stories from her time at GE and insights from her book, including the power of discovery in storytelling and advice for brands looking to tell “their story, their way”. She also talks about the concept of “Imagining it Forward” and the steps to put imagination into execution as outlined in her new book.

“Now more than ever, communicators need to rethink their approach to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing financial communications and marketing landscape,” said Prosek Managing Partner Jen Prosek. “Given our unique position in the financial services ecosystem, we pride ourselves on being connectors for our clients. It’s our job to open new doors and make things happen—giving our clients the ability to ‘see around corners’ while helping to make them smarter and savvier at the same time. With our focus on bringing an unexpected level of passion, creativity and modern thinking to everything we do, creating the Unboxed Talks podcast to bring our passion points together just felt right.”

The core mission of Prosek is to influence the global economy by telling clients’ stories. The firm created Unboxed Talks to bring the voices of today’s most interesting thinkers in financial communications and marketing to listeners and guests’ brand fans. The introduction of the podcast will also help promote awareness of issues critical to the financial services and communications industries, and drive informed thought leadership.

Recent research suggests there are 124 million podcast consumers in the U.S., and 73 million (59%) listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. The ability to share longer form content with an engaged and curious audience has never been more important for financial and corporate brands, which is why Prosek is launching its own podcast.

Unboxed Talks will be authentic and organic, never forced. Quality over quantity. Prosek will publish episodes on a bi-monthly schedule to ensure that content fits their mission and will be truly exciting and meaningful to listeners.

Have a topic you’d like Prosek to explore or interview? Email us at unboxedtalks@prosek.com or Tweet us using the #unboxedtalks hashtag @ProsekPR.