What’s in a Word? The Science of Storytelling

Josette RobinsonThe old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is one we are all familiar with, but what about if those words are particularly poignant – what is that worth? Storytelling may be the new buzz word among corporations with organizations like TED helping executives become better at the craft, to grassroots movements like The Moth and their creative approach, it’s clear that there is some truth to the hype and to this art that should be further explored.

According to research by Stanford University, a story is 22 times more effective than data alone, but in financial services, and particularly the real estate industry where valuations and cap rates are part of everyday vernacular, can storytelling truly make an impact? Josette Robinson shares her insights on how storytelling can prompt an emotional reaction that no set of data points or financial results can match.

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