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Abby Rex-Groves

Senior Vice President
New York

Abby Rex-Groves is a Senior Vice President at Prosek Partners, specializing in building strategic communications programs for leading traditional and alternative asset managers. Since joining Prosek Partners in 2014, Abby has worked with top firms in the private markets space to elevate and insulate their brands in a way that positively impacts their commercial objectives.

Coupled with her deep private markets expertise, Abby has a track record of building and executing on thought leadership plans for C-Suite executives that establish them in conversations most relevant to their stakeholders. This includes developing messaging and talk tracks, media training, counsel on social and digital profiles as well as securing and managing high-profile media opportunities, speaking events and awards. She also has experience providing careful strategy around client crises and navigating sensitive media situations.

Abby is a New Jersey native and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, as well as a minor in Business and Liberal Arts.

Q & A

What are you most proud of in your career?
Growing from a post-graduate intern into a Senior Vice President at Prosek. PR is hard to learn in a classroom; my “studies” really began when I joined Prosek with little financial PR experience. I took advantage of all of the resources Prosek and my clients offered me to learn as quickly as I could. It’s been amazing to reflect on that growth and now help the people I manage who are early in their careers find ways to “punch above their weight”.

Name one thing most people don’t know about you.
I’m a huge college football fan. I find the school spirit in collegiate athletics unmatched in the professional sports world. Go Penn State!

How would your mother describe you?
As a good listener with a sense of humor.

What are your greatest strengths as a communications practitioner?
Being nimble but disciplined. I like to develop creative solutions and get moving on them quickly. Being able to multi-task efficiently while tracking against a long-term strategic vision is valuable. I also love relationship building. Whether that’s with journalists, clients, colleagues – the relationship aspect of this business is fun.

What is your favorite food?
Pesto pizza (from Pat’s Pizza in Scarborough, ME) and ice cream (two scoops with sprinkles in a cone).

Describe your perfect client.
One that really brings us into the fold as a long-term partner. Clients who I go back and forth with daily on strategy are the most fun to work on. Also, clients who understand the importance of media relationship building.

What three hobbies or activities do you enjoy most?
Decorating my house, watching shamefully bad reality TV and walking.

What’s your favorite part of the workday?
The pre-lunchtime hours. These are when I feel most “in the zone” and can brainstorm big ideas with my colleagues.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
Emma Stone (as a brunette)

What is your favorite quote?
“Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more small piece of you starts to fall into place”