Our People

Jonathan Hodgkinson

Managing Director

Jonathan specializes in corporate and financial communications, crisis / issues management, executive counsel, employee communications and engagement, corporate positioning and reputation protection, running proactive communications campaigns, and building and managing 24/7 press office operations.

He has over 15 years of experience and has held senior marketing and communications roles (at agencies and in-house) where he was responsible for establishing, running and leading integrated communications activities.

Within the institutional finance sector, Jonathan has advised asset managers, investment banks, electronic trading platforms and securities brokers. Additionally, he has counseled a broad selection of companies and individuals in the alternative finance, marketplace lending, non-ministerial government, software services, support services, and global recruitment sectors.

In 2005 he joined Merrill Lynch in London where he was responsible for managing engagements between research analysts and the European media. 

In 2007 he joined Nomura in London and managed communications for the firm’s main business divisions (Asset Management, Commodities, Equities, Fixed Income, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking). 

In 2011, Jonathan relocated to New York with Nomura and upon leaving in 2016 he was Head of External and Internal Communications, Branding & Marketing for Nomura in the Americas, and Global Head of Communications for Instinet (a Nomura Group company). 

Before joining Prosek Partners, he was most recently an Associate Partner in Bell Pottinger’s Financial & Corporate practice in London, where he advised the Executives and Board members of listed companies on how to convey their investment case to stakeholders, protect their reputation and maximize their market value.

Jonathan has led communications activities for complex litigation situations, capital markets activities, strategic corporate disposals and acquisitions.  He manages teams in an inclusive and proactive manner, and has experience of building and managing internal and external communications functions, structuring in-house communications governance policies, and establishing longstanding best practice procedures that are designed to protect and promote the organizations in which they are implemented.


Q & A

What are you most proud of in your career?
My work has taken me around the world, and I am proud of the global network I have developed, the diverse teams I have worked with and the first class results I have delivered for satisfied clients and colleagues.  As I am still less than 50% of the way through my career, I am optimistic and look forward to the many opportunities that the future may hold.

Name one thing most people don’t know about you?
I took a year to drive all of the states in Australia and throughout the Red Centre in a 20 year old station wagon. I avoided getting a puncture, but met some interesting people and made longstanding friends along the way.  I also managed to sell the car for more than I paid for it when it was time to leave the country and continue my journey on to South East Asia. [Also, ask me about the time I unwittingly stalked a brown bear in waist high snow while wearing only shorts and flip flops…].

How would your mother describe you?
Determined, friendly, articulate and reliable. She’d also certainly say that I don’t phone home often enough, which is also true. Sorry Mum.

What are your greatest strengths as a communication practitioner?
I like to think that I am building on my strengths every day, but being able to understand people and see the world from their perspective is something I have been doing long before I started working in communications.  Over the years, I have found through professional experience that I am calm in a crisis; taking the time to step back and consider the bigger picture, without being distracted by peripheral noise, is an ability you only fully realise you possess once it has been put to the test.

What is your favorite food?
As someone who proudly comes from the North East of England, I’ve got to admit that I do love a good pie.

Describe your perfect client?
My perfect client is thoughtful, willing to have frank and energetic discussions, and is open to considering new ideas based on sound reasoning.  A client who is flexible and ready to consider an innovative approach, while also remaining mindful of the tried-and-tested options, stands to gain the most from their adviser’s full range of experience.

What three hobbies or activities do you enjoy most?
Shooting, cartography / map reading, and spending quality time with my family.

What’s your favorite part of the workday?
I am an unashamed morning person, so I like to make use of the early hours and plan my actions for the day with a large coffee.  However, it was Mike Tyson who said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” so sometimes you’ve got to put the itinerary aside and just roll with the punches regardless of the time of day.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
My wife tells me it would be Neil Patrick Harris, and I can’t argue with that.

What is your favorite quote?
“Forewarned is forearmed.”