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Deep Pool Go Deeper

  • Branding
  • Naming

The Challenge

Combine the rich, storied history of two of today’s leading investor servicing and regulatory solutions firms into a single, cohesive brand. One with its own unique story and identity built from decades of experience and success.

The Solution

A complete rebrand that alluded to the tremendous pool of experts, resources, services and products that both companies offered, yet did so with a fresh perspective for today’s modern-day investor. We started with a name that would help them stand out from the usual field of financial competition. A name destined to cause ripples throughout the industry: Deep Pool. From there, we built an entirely new look and feel for the brand, creating everything from a fresh new logo to a full visual identity system as diverse as the products and services they offered, yet still deeply connected to the core of their business — the deep reach of their people, expertise and experience.