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Apple Defies All Rules of Growth While Redefining Communications Delivery

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Apple is clearly an awe-striking company.  Anyone would agree with that. With its newly posted 71 percent growth, it’s truly an innovation machine. Looking through the lens of a communicator, I see more. I see a company that has built such a strong brand that it can survive the medical leave of its iconic founder. The brand and the company's icon are greater than the individuals. And isn't that true success for Steve Jobs?  Companies like Apple have accomplished what brands like Berkshire Hathaway must now test.

On another Apple-related thought and, again, looking through the lens of a communicator, Apple is also revolutionizing the media business and how we deliver news and information through apps and devices. It’s hard to tell just how great an impact it will have on the day-to-day job of a public relations professional, but CJP is committed to making sure we understand it - first.

In late February we will be holding a corporate communicators roundtable with the editor of Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad-only publication to toss around this very subject. Our event, to be held at the Museum of Modern Art's restaurant, The Modern (how appropriate), "sold out" in a week - clearly a sign that this topic is on the minds of our industry. Stay tuned for another blog post on this subject. CJP

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