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Applying The Times’ 2020 Vision

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What Corporations Can Learn From The Edict When Advancing Their Own Content Engines

In January, The New York Times released its 2020 report – a vision for the future as the newspaper continues to evolve as pressure to be more digital mounts.

“There are many one-mighty companies that believed their history of success would inevitably protect them from technological change, only to be done in by their complacency,” says the report.

It’s no secret that corporations have begun to build content engines of their own, but as this becomes more mainstream, some will stand out from their competition and emerge as the go-to thought leaders and storytellers in the financial space.

To avoid being left behind, I think the 2020 Vision provides a blueprint for companies that are looking to connect with their audience and make an impact on their business’ success, ensuring their future.

Here are the six key takeaways to embody when advancing your content strategy for 2017 and beyond.

Maximize Sensory Engagement

Today we like to consume stories with as many senses as possible. More and more news outlets are using sounds and visuals to engage with their readers but also make content and viewpoints more accessible. Video, photography, and interactive charts are some of the ways more corporations will modernize their content.

Rethink Your Digital Ecosystem

Your audience interacts with content in a number of different ways on many devices. It’s important for companies to be nimble with changing technologies and think about the experience, as described above. Maximizing the audio, video and virtual capabilities of your content platform will show prospects your willingness to invest in the future and be an active participant. Consider apps for readers to download and daily briefing emails to bring readers to your landing page.

Have Your Content be Bold and Relevant

A modern content platform is a great start, but without content that is unexpected, imaginative and relevant, it can be a challenge to engage. Identify emerging trends at the back of the paper and anticipate concerns and change through client conversations and industry events. Jumping on an idea first and being ambitious with a stance is often rewarded. It’s the fastest way for your audience to begin to come to you for advice.

Start a Conversation

Although certainly not for everyone, having a for-approval comments section with your content creates a dialogue with your readers and shows your organization is transparent and willing to debate ideas openly. This also creates an opportunity to coordinate with frequent visitors and influencers that can evolve into brand ambassadors for your company.

Invest in Journalists

We have all read how newsrooms are cutting their staffs. More financial companies are investing in journalist talent to help build out their content engine. Not only do they understand the financial world in a three-dimensional way after speaking with hundreds of sources as journalists, they understand how to write and structure content and deliver it to audiences in an enjoyable way.

Establish a Vision

Before beginning any ambitious content project, have a goal. If it’s to gain more clients, own a particular topic, or just be a more active thought leader to demonstrate wit and transparency, each requires a particular strategy to get more mileage out of your digital and content investment.

The time is now to build a successful content engine for your brand, and it’s never too late to think like a communicator to do so. 

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