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Are You Ready For Super Bowl XLVI (And The Ferris Bueller Ad)?

Stephen Kennedy

T-minus six days until the big day! That’s right. The countdown is well under way for this Patriots fan who cannot wait for one final chance at redemption as Brady and Belichick take on Eli, Coughlin and the rest of the New York Football Giants in Super Bowl XLVI . Oh it’s going to be exciting. The storylines, press conferences and trash talk will be plentiful this week as the NFL prepares for its biggest night of the year.

Then & Now: Matthew Broderick reprises his role as Ferris Bueller in a Super Bowl ad for Honda

But it’s not all just about the game. After all, the Super Bowl has come to be known for the commercials, almost as much as it has for the game. From cars to beer to chips and website domain services, companies will be clamoring for the opportunity to get their brand in front of millions – and this year it will cost them an estimated $3 to $4 million per advertising package!

But as commercials take center stage, so do the PR strategies behind their release. It’s all about the pre- and post-game reactions. Who can dominate the headlines and drive traffic to their YouTube page (remember last year’s Volkswagen gem)? In an effort to add longevity to their investment (and to win additional views and impressions) many companies have begun releasing their big ads the Monday before the Super Bowl, while others opt for a big post game blitz (pun intended).

So what’s all buzz about this year? Three words… Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? That’s right. In a commercial that’s getting tremendous, pre-game hype (both good and bad), Honda released an ad featuring Matthew Broderick reprising (sort of) his role from the 1986 hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In the spot, Broderick can be seen calling in sick to avoid a movie shoot (as opposed to calling out of high school). Throughout the commercial he enjoys a day of roller coasters, baseball games, parades and more – all reminiscent of the iconic scenes of the mid-eighties film. Also, for movie buffs, Honda has hidden a few "Easter Eggs" (thank you J.J. Abrams) throughout the commercial.

So what do you think of the spot (see below)? What other commercials are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments and as always don’t forget to vote in today’s Weekly Poll (at right) to let us know who’s going to come out on top in Sunday’s big game! CJP

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