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Attitude Is Everything

Briana Dudas

Lauren Cheney lead USA against BrazilThe 2011 U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team quarterfinal World Cup match-up against Brazil was a bare-knuckled display of survival of the fittest.  Even those not typically fans of soccer couldn’t help but become engaged and enthralled by the courage, tenacity and passion of these women.  After some seriously unwarranted calls against the team, most might’ve given up in a fit of fury.  However, despite the unfair advantage given to Brazil, the Americans persisted and won the most well-earned match up I’ve ever seen.  The odds were completely stacked against the U.S.—not only were they blatantly robbed of their lead with a penalty re-kick on top of an already shady slew of calls, but the Americans battled the rest of regulation time equipped with only 10 players against Brazil’s 11.  Man-down under the blistering sun, the U.S. women confronted Brazil’s very physical team with the sweetest revenge—a beautiful hard-earned goal during the 122nd minute of injury overtime, which sent both teams into penalty kicks.

The arrogant Brazilians were shell-shocked by the goal and the stadium erupted with raw emotion as contagious cries of American pride filled the hot air.  Moments after announcers had predicted American defeat, the game that would have been dubbed as ‘the earliest tournament loss in U.S. history’ was quickly turned around.

The U.S. women went on to win the game in penalty kicks, stunning even their own head coach, Pia Sundhage of Sweden who knowingly replied in a post-game interview, “There is something about the American attitude to find a way to win.  Unbelievable.”

The U.S. Women’s National Team embodied the willpower and desire to succeed that America was founded on.  They demonstrated the importance of staying positive even when the odds seem impossible and to never, ever give up.  Attitude is everything and these women did not succumb to the dirty antics of their competitors nor did they sulk when the unexpected occurred.  They stayed optimistic while pouring their energy, heart and souls into what they believed in.

These characteristics are not only crucial to winning an important game but also to achieve success in your career—they are the essence of what drives the American Dream. CJP

Briana Dudas is an intern at CJP Communications.

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