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Bitesize Blighty: August 19, 2016

Immy Ransom

In political news, in the Labour leadership debate, after a lack of confidence in current leader Jeremy Corbyn more than 1,000 Labour councillors sign letter backing Owen Smith. Party members do not have faith in Mr. Corbyn and warns UK is facing existential threat from the vote to leave the EU with a potential second Scottish referendum looming. The Nottinghamshire labour councillor Michael Payne said “Corbyn’s weak leadership risks condemning Britain to a generation of destructive Conservative rule. Labour councillors are supporting Owen Smith because only he can unite Labour against the Tories, and lead us back to power where we can transform the lives of working people for the better.” However,  it looks like Corbyn is not going down without a fight!  

There has been a surge of national pride over here on our little island, having been placed just behind the USA in the Olympic medal polling! Having won 22 gold, 21 silver and 13 bronze medals, it’s been a superb run so far for little old GB. Gold medals have been won in sports such as cycling, gymnastics, sailing, rowing, swimming and diving. Go team GB! “Britain chases more medals”.

FINALLY, after waiting two years since its first announcement, the ‘Night Tube’ (read: 24hr subway!) finally arrives in London. It was intended to begin in 2015 but tube strikes over pay delayed the start by nearly a year. Although it will only run on weekends, this is better than nothing, considering there is a “huge demand” as passenger numbers during weekends have soared by 70% since 2000. Transport for London has said that the night tube services are expected to add £6.4 billion to the London economy by 2013, creating 500,000 jobs. But more importantly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get home from a boozy night out!

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