Bitesize Blighty: July 13, 2018

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  • This week Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled her proposals for the UK’s future relationship with the EU in a 98-page Brexit white paper that sets out plans for an “association agreement” of the kind recently agreed between Brussels and Ukraine. Earlier in the week, the white paper sparked the resignation of two Eurosceptic cabinet ministers – David Davis and Boris Johnson. The paper is meant to accelerate negotiations in Brussels so that a deal can be reached this autumn. It’s expected that May will have to make more concessions to meet EU demands as talks progress.
  • It was a busy week for the UK PM, who also welcomed US President Donald Trump on Thursday. Amid protests in London, the two gave a press conference on Friday, which made for a great game of Compare The Headlines. The next item on Trump’s travel itinerary is meeting the queen – stay tuned for news over the weekend on this (and many, many memes).
  • There were countless sad and hungover faces Thursday morning following England’s World Cup loss to Croatia on Wednesday. The game started strong with an English goal in the 5th minute, and ended in extra time with Croatia bringing the score to 2-1. It was only the third time England has reached the semi-finals, the most recent example being 1990. While many said it was coming home… they didn’t say when! 

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