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Bitesize Blighty: June 16, 2017

Immy Ransom,  Ligia Vela-Reid

As you might have heard, a tragic fire took place on Wednesday in London, when a 26-floor residential tower went up in flames. There were sadly at least 30 deaths in the blaze, with speculations that the number could hit 70. The external paneling used in the refurbishment of the building, cladding, has been a topic of debate since the incident, as it was a central reason as to how the fire spread so fast. Members of the public have quickly become enraged at the government’s lack of answers to a long list of questions as to how the fire started, how many people lived in the building, why the cladding was allowed in the refurbishment, and more, sparking protests in Kensington today.

Last week’s election left Theresa May with less seats in parliament after she deliberately called the election to strengthen her mandate, leaving much speculation as to what went wrong. Some say she is right to maintain leadership and deliver Brexit, while others claim she should lose her place as head of the government. Meanwhile, Theresa May is establishing a majority coalition with the DUP, which has been met with mixed reviews (as expected).

In more positive news, we’re seeing more friendly faces visiting London this year! Tourists have been taking advantage of the cheaper pound, resulting in a 19% rise in tourism this April as compared to last April and a 14% increase in spending so far in 2017. We hope this means we will be seeing some more of our US colleagues sometime soon!

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