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Bitesize Blighty: June 9, 2017

Immy Ransom

  • On Thursday, the UK held a general election, which is how the British public decides who they want to represent them in Parliament and ultimately run the country. UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a general election for June 8th, three years earlier than scheduled. Mrs. May’s official reason for holding an election was to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. See below for how she’s faired…
  • The election results have left Theresa May clinging onto power after she led the Conservatives (aka the Tories) to a disastrous set of general election results, costing her party its majority and forcing her to pursue a deal with the highly questionable Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Mrs May had been hoping to boost her mandate for Brexit negotiations, but the Tories actually lost seats and fell below the 326 needed to form a majority government, leading to a ‘hung parliament’. She has set out her intention to form a minority government which will be entirely reliant on the DUP's 10 MPs to pass its legislation in parliament. Mrs May's decision to remain as PM has prompted widespread condemnation, with opposition leaders including Jeremy Corbyn calling on her to resign. The hung parliament has seen the value of sterling slide against the dollar.
  • On another note, Chocolate maker Mars is recalling some bars of Galaxy, Maltesers Teasers and bags of Minstrels due to the "potential presence of salmonella." Mars said the products, for sale in the UK and Ireland, should not be eaten. 

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