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Bitesize Blighty: May 11, 2018

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  • We (well, some of us) are getting excited because this weekend is the Eurovision Song Contest, the longest-running annual international TV song competition! The annual competition is highly anticipated and widely watched across Europe, if not turned into a drinking game. The Eurovision process for selecting a winner includes voting live by country, which has been viewed by some as politically motivated. Will any of you be watching it? (Editor’s note: if so, root for Holland! Hup hup!)


  • The government has agreed that two experts will sit with the judge investigating the Grenfell Tower fire, following pressure from campaigners. They had called for a diverse panel to oversee proceedings, saying the inquiry risked being a "whitewash". Theresa May, who had earlier rejected calls for a panel, said the hearings would now have the "breadth of skills and diversity of expertise".

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