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Bitesize Blighty: October 13, 2017

Immy Ransom,  Ligia Vela-Reid

  • The EU is to begin preparing for its post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK, while refusing to discuss the matter with the British government. An internal draft document suggests the 27 EU countries will discuss trade among themselves while officials in Brussels prepare the details. According to EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, a lack of compromise over the UK's financial commitments was hindering progress - saying "they have to pay". We will continue to monitor for updates on Brexit negotiations.
  • Earlier today, Uber filed its appeal against Transport for London's (TfL) decision not to renew its private hire license for operating in the capital. The ride-hailing service left it to the last possible day to do so, lodging papers with Westminster magistrates' court today to kick off an appeal process. Finger’s crossed it all works out!
  • Edinburgh University scientists have found that people cut their life expectancy by an average of nine weeks for every two pounds they are overweight. The study examined the genetic information of more than 600,000 participants and revealed intricate links between longevity and lifestyle. The results also showed that people who smoke a packet of cigarettes a day are likely to die seven years earlier than normal.
  • On a quite a bizarre note, a fisherman almost died after a Dover sole he had caught jumped down his throat. His life was saved by paramedics after the fish wriggled free of his hand and choked him.

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