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Bitesize Blighty: October 6, 2017

Immy Ransom

  • Coverage of the awful incident that took place in Las Vegas this week was picked up in UK media as well, and our thoughts are with anyone affected.
  • On Wednesday, Theresa May sought to relaunch her premiership by offering voters the “British dream” but the most personal speech of her premiership was overshadowed by a prankster handing her a P45, an incessant cough, and problems with the backdrop. The prime minister attempted to shift the focus from Brexit infighting to domestic policy on energy bills and council housing, but unfortunately her ill-timed cough took centre stage. After accepting a glass of water and a cough sweet from the chancellor, Philip Hammond, May continued with a speech that was designed to set out her ideology but ended with questions about her future.
  •  The Spanish government's representative in Catalonia has apologised to those injured following the violence last Sunday, which saw hundreds of Catalonians injured as police, trying to enforce a Spanish court ban on the independence vote, attempted to seize ballot boxes and disperse voters. However, Enric Millo blamed the Catalan government for holding an illegal vote. Meanwhile the government in Madrid has issued a decree making it easier for companies to move their headquarters away from Catalonia.
  •  And finally… The mayor of an Essex town was left stunned to receive a phone call from Tom Cruise congratulating him on his 'great town'. Mr. Scientology himself is currently filming the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise in good old Blighty and decided to call Will Russell, who is civic leader of Brentwood, to thank residents for being so understanding of the production, as several major roads had to be closed while filming was underway.

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