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Bitesize Blighty: September 9, 2016

Immy Ransom,  Alice Ford

This week the world witnessed the kick-off of the Paralympics and team GB got off to a brilliant start, achieving seven medals in the first day! This year's team has been set a target of 121 medals, which is one more than they attained at London 2012. It was only an hour ago Sophie Thornhill and her tandem pilot Helen Scott won Great Britain’s sixth gold of the Paralympics on Friday’s second day of competition in Rio. Great start for Team GB!

The Bank of England is poised to release its plastic £5 note on Tuesday. At midnight on Monday the first cash machines in England and Wales will be loaded with new “polymer” plastic bank notes in the biggest cash revolution since decimalisation in 1971. The Queen will be on one side of the note with Winston Churchill on the other. For now, it is just the £5 note but the £10 and £20 are following suit and being released in the summer next year. Waterproof money, how exciting!

Iconic London nightclub, Fabric has its license revoked and closes down. Fabric has been described as a “nightclub that thrived by taking dance music seriously”. It succeeded because it put music first, and its closure has caused upset and dismay amongst the public and people within the music industry. The impact and importance of Fabric has been reflected by the array of artists and DJs lining up to pay tribute to the club. RIP fabric! 

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