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Bitesize Blighty: July 20, 2018

Immy Ransom

  • Theresa May’s plan for a customs deal with Brussels would leave the rest of Europe wide open to fraud, the European Union’s chief negotiator has claimed. Responding for the first time to the government’s Brexit white paper, Michel Barnier questioned whether many of the proposals were legally or practically feasible.
  • Novichok victim, Charlie Rowley has been discharged from hospital, three weeks after being exposed to the nerve agent. Salisbury District Hospital said he had been through an "appalling experience most of us could never imagine". Mr Rowley, 45, and his partner Dawn Sturgess, 44, collapsed at his house in Amesbury, Wiltshire, on 30 June, where police found a bottle containing the nerve agent.
  • Comcast is likely to be the new owner of Sky, BBC Business Editor Simon Jack has learned. It means that Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox is unlikely to succeed in its bid to take full control of Sky. Instead, Disney will buy assets from Fox including its movie studio, and content like Avatar and X-Men. It is not yet clear what will happen to Mr Murdoch's 39% stake in Sky, but it is thought that could also be sold to Comcast. 

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