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Bitesized Blightly: July 28, 2017

Immy Ransom

  • The Government is to ban all new petrol and diesel vans and cars from 2040 as part of their clean-air plan. Hybrid vehicles with both electric motor and a petrol or diesel engine will also be ceased as Britain pledges to run cars on electric power only. In addition to this, an extra £255m has been allocated to local authorities to accelerate their plans to cut local emissions, which need to be finalised by the end of 2018. This could see speed humps removed and traffic lights reprogrammed.
  • With Brexit negotiations ongoing, the United Kingdom has expressed its interest in having Mexico as an ally in the defense of global trade and build together a deep and lasting relationship. Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, told a meeting with businessmen and investors at HSBC, that the aim is to ensure the preferential arrangements the UK currently enjoys with Mexico remain in place as they leave the European Union.
  • Theresa May is facing a new setback in her Brexit negotiations as Ireland’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, calls for a border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain after Brexit. Varadkar rejected May's proposals to use technology such as surveillance cameras to allow free movement and maintain the soft border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The border between the Irish Republic, a member of the European Union, and Northern Ireland will be the only land frontier between the UK and the EU once Britain leaves the bloc in early 2019. 

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