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Bitesized Blighty: April 15, 2016

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 Dennis skinner, the controversial Labour party politician, got himself into a bit of bother this week by referring to the Prime Minister as "Dodgy Dave". This was part of the ongoing Panama tax avoidance scandal, which Cameron, by means of his father, has been tied to. Needless to say, Skinner was asked to leave the House after refusing to retract his statement - the soap opera of post-feudalistic Britain, eh? Read more

 The David Bowie £10 note has gained an awful lot of attention recently, since the death of the man that arguably changed popular music forever. The note, with a face value of £10, has been appearing on eBay for as much as £45 - talk about an opportunity for low-level arbitrage investment strategies! Read more

 With the London Mayoral election occurring in the next month, London is in confusion regarding which politician should run City Hall. Zac Goldsmith, the environmental conservative, is face-to-face with Sadiq Khan, the London bred immigrant and labour politician - who to choose?

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