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Bitesized Blighty: April 21, 2017

Immy Ransom

  • Earlier this week, Theresa May announced that there will be an early general election on June 8. She has received overwhelming support from MPs for the snap general election. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on people not to write him off, arguing that defeat was not a foregone conclusion. However, the public does not seem to be too keen on all this political turmoil
  • New research from University of Cambridge has suggested that trazodone, a common anti-depressant, could become the first drug to halt dementia, by stopping brain cells from dying. The brain cell effect was also seen in trials of another drug, dibenzoylmethane. The study is still in its early-stages, as research is currently being carried out on mice, but the odds seem to look good.
  • According to official figures published on Wednesday, the UK is the only G7 country to meet the UN’s 0.7% target of national wealth for foreign aid, and the amount has rapidly increased in cash terms as the British economy continues to expand. While criticism of British overseas development assistance has been heightened by its opponents, aid organisations issued a qualified welcome to the figures. 

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