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Bitesized Blighty: April 3, 2015

Danny Calogero

Round-up news from across the Atlantic . . .

April Fools' Day always brings a few giggles and this year was no exception with some notable gags making waves in print and online. The BBC also felt it necessary to identify some of the more obscure stories of the day that weren't actually pranks.

It has been the first full week of political campaigning ahead of the UK General Election and it ended with a seven way head-to-head between the party leaders. The televised two-hour debate passed without any major gaffs (something in itself!) but immediate pollster analysis suggested that there was no clear winner.

Earlier in the week, The Daily Telegraph published a letter signed by over 100 business leaders that appeared to criticize the Labour Party's economic and business policies. However, since publication, a number of signatories have distanced themselves from the letter.

In a boost for the outgoing coalition, UK economic growth figures were revised up to 2.8% this week. This completed what the Chancellor called a "hat trick of good news" following indicators that showed consumer confidence and living standards had both increased. End of Story

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