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Bitesized Blighty: August 4, 2017

Immy Ransom

  • On Wednesday, Prince Philip conducted his final official public appearance in his role as Prince Regent after 22,219 solo engagements since 1952. The 96-year old husband of Her Majesty the Queen bowed out of public life to cheering crowds and a rousing rendition of He’s a Jolly Good Fellow played by the band of the Royal Marines. The ceremony marking the Prince’s retirement was held at Buckingham Palace, and accompanied by heavy downpours – a fitting coincidence to mark what is truly an end of an era.


  • The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has revealed that it is considering Amsterdam as a potential EU hub for its post-Brexit operations. This comes in light of solid financial gains, revealing £939 million worth of profits – the bank’s first profit in three years. We’ve also heard this week that Tradeweb and MUFG have plans to move parts of their London operations to Amsterdam (to Immy’s delight).


  • A British ticket holder won a jackpot worth a staggering £51.7 million ($67.6 million) this week. As of yet, the UK-based winner has not come forward to claim the prize. This has prompted the National Lottery agency to launch a nation-wide appeal in hopes of finding the lucky stranger – although maybe they don’t have incentive to look too hard. 

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