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Bitesized Blighty: August 7, 2015

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- Just a month after the last London tube strike, on Wednesday and Thursday the trade unions decided to bless us with another. You may be asking yourselves why are the tube staff striking? Well we're not quite sure either - all we know for sure is that tube drivers in London earn a whopping £50,000 a year and are granted 43 days of paid annual leave on top of that. Some are suggesting that the tube drivers may have done themselves more harm than good by bringing this to light.  Read More

- With the cost of living rocketing in the capital, 32-year old Londoner, Sam Cookney has done the maths and discovered that by living in Barcelona and commuting daily by plane, he can save money! It's not just hot air either - Sam has now moved to Barcelona (and we're all thinking of following him soon!). Read More

- The migrant crisis at the France-English border continues as this week many more have flocked to the shores of Calais in an attempt to cross the channel. Many of the migrants are said to have walked a full 31 miles to make their way into the south of England. Read More

- In unrelated celebrity and sports news, tennis player Andy Murray has announced that he and his wife are expecting their first baby in September. Looks like we'll be seeing another fan in the front row of Wimbledon next year! Read More

- The Bank of England policymakers are divided for first time this year on rate rises, as the Bank lowers near-term inflation forecasts on sharper energy price falls. Read More

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