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Bitesized Blighty: February 27, 2015

Danny Calogero

2D274907905979-150227-blue-black-white-gold-dress-inline.blocks_desktop_mediumThe German parliament has today voted to extend financial aid to Greece until June. Although the extension passed comfortably, there was some dissent in the ranks from Angela Merkel's own party, casting doubt on how much support Greece will have for future debt extensions. Read More.

The UK political establishment was rocked by more scandal this week after it emerged that two well-known political figures (both former foreign secretaries) had been secretly filmed offering their influence to private companies in exchange for cash. Although both claimed to have not broken any rules, one of them has since been suspended by his party and the other has said that he will stand down at the next election. Read More.

It has definitely also been a week to forget for Natalie Bennett, the leader of the UK's Green Party. In a radio interview earlier this week, Bennett was unable to answer basic questions on her party's housing policy, leading to a series of prolonged awkward silences. Later describing the experience as "excruciating", she blamed her poor performance on "brain fade" and a common cold. Commentators have described it as one of the worst political interviews ever, but have a listen yourself and see what you think! Read More.

Somebody else having a bad week was Madonna. Her long awaited return to the Brit Awards was overshadowed by a pretty calamitous wardrobe malfunction that led to her being hoisted backwards off the stage. Madge carried on like the true pro that she is but later revealed that she had suffered whiplash as a result of the incident. Somewhat ironically, the accident seemed in perfect sync with her lyrics; falling on "I let down my guard, I fell into your arms" and getting back on her feet to sing "now that it's over, I'm going to carry on." Read More.

Finally, unless you've been living under a rock, you won't have been able to escape the most mind-numbing debate of the that dress blue and black, or white and gold. My first thought was "who cares?"...but it seems a lot of people do; the hashtag #TheDress was trending worldwide this week. Thankfully, the Mail Online have explained "the science behind the dress" for those of use without anything better to do. To find out more, click hereEnd of Story

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