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Bitesized Blighty: July 12, 2019

Hector Don

  • British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch resigned his post following the leak of diplomatic cables where Darroch shared his candid views about the Trump administration. The leaked documents revealed Darroch characterised Trump as ‘radiating insecurity’ and said he had achieved ‘almost nothing’ in domestic policy with ‘not an inch’ of a promised wall between the US and Mexico having been built. He also noted he ‘wouldn’t bet a tenner’ on health reforms passing through the Senate. Trump, in turn, (though via the public medium of Twitter rather than leaked diplomatic cables) called Darroch ‘the wacky ambassador’ and ‘a very stupid guy’.
  • Deutsche Bank has been cutting hundreds of staff from its London operation this week as it closed its equities sales and trading business, and reversed a 20-year expansion of its investment bank. It plans to strip out 18,000 jobs in the coming years.
  • Occasionally we glance up very infrequently from our work to watch Wimbledon, which has been going strong this week. Federer is set to face Nadal in the Men’s semi-final, and it’ll be Serena vs. Simona Halep for the Women’s final tomorrow. This year, a vegan strawberries and cream is on offer, because 2019. 

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