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Bitesized Blighty: July 19, 2019

Mark Rapaport

  • Do you know what’s happening with the next Prime Minister of the UK, and its resulting impact on Brexit?
    • No
    • Yes:
        • Amazing, well done. Voting for the new PM will close on Monday, with the new PM being announced on Tuesday. That day, current PM Theresa May will visit the Queen and formally stand down, which will result in the new leader being asked by Her Majesty to form the next government. Read a play-by-play of what will happen next week here.
  • Chancellor (Treasurer) Phillip Hammond has threatened to push to bring down a government led by Boris Johnson should he push for a no-deal Brexit. He hinted in French and German media that if a deal could not be reached, he may push for another referendum.
  • Harry and Meghan plan to construct a new garden at their residence at Frogmore Cottage, but that’s all we can reveal for now. Ian Ratcliffe, project manager at the residence noted that ‘“We consider that national security could be compromised if public access is given to the plans, other drawings and documents relating to this project.’ Naturally, the London Calling team will do some digging into this major story so stay tuned for updates. 

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