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Bitesized Blighty: July 22, 2016

Immy Ransom

The new “iron lady” has completed her first week as prime minister in parliament, and what a hell of a week it has been. She has travelled across Europe, taken on labour leader Jeremy Corben in her first prime minister’s questions, calmed post Brexit nerves and moved into Downing Street. Now only one month after the UK referendum, the newly appointed prime minister kick-started Brexit negotiations with European leaders and most notably with Francois Hollande over border controls. In her meeting with the French President, Monsieur Hollande took a hard line approach making statements such as “if there is a free movement of trade, there must be a free movement of people”, however despite heated discussion, the meeting concluded with an agreement to maintain the border controls at Calais.

Back in the UK, however, harmony over Brexit remains to be seen. To put another spanner in the works, the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have discussed the possibility of each of the devolved parliaments being given the right to vote on the terms of Brexit and vow to work together to ensure nations are not ‘done over’ by Westminster. There is just no pleasing some people!

The Pokemon GO app is finally available to download in the UK, making the country the fifth place worldwide where the wildly popular augmented reality game is officially available. In spite of numerous controversies, the game is making an estimated $1.6 million (£1.2 million) a day from iPhone users in the US alone, and Nintendo's shares have more than doubled since the game was launched. It now has more users than Tinder!

However, most importantly, today is Prince George’s 3rd birthday! *awhh*. In celebration of the young prince’s birthday, Will and Kate released a series of pictures for the world to see. What they didn’t expect was a flood of animal welfare groups expressing concern over image showing three-year-old feeding chocolate covered ice-cream to pet spaniel, since dogs can he allergic to dairy!

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