Bitesized Blighty: July 31, 2015

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  • This week Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish National Party Leader, has faced calls to reveal whether she will propose another Scottish independence referendum. Audacious as ever, she has warned that "no politician has the right to stand in the way" if she does . . . Read More
  • Prince Charles has found himself in hot water this week after being branded as a 'serial hypocrite'. The royal who prides himself on his green credentials was caught flying a mere 68 miles in order to attend a polo match. Could the Prince be accused of struggling to practice what he preaches? Read More
  • *ADORABLE ALERT* It appears that a baby sloth at London Zoo has a new surrogate mother in the form of a teddy bear. After his own mother stopped producing milk and was unable to care for her infant, the zoo employed a teddy-surrogate technique. The Sloth-teddy has been customised with carabiners so that it can be hung from a branch, enabling the tiny sloth to climb on and strengthen his little limbs. Read More
  • More Calais chaos has occurred this week. The Prime Minister, David Cameron has been urged to call in British troops to help ease traffic congestion in Kent on the way to the Channel Crossing. Cameron, who recently returned from a four-day tour of South East Asia, also said that sniffer dogs and extra fencing would be sent to France to help struggling French authorities in Calais. Read More
  • Also on the Prime Ministers trip to South-East Asia, Cameron announced that he would be putting his weight behind the UK's technology startups and the finance world, in an attempt to make the UK a world leader in Fintech by 2020. Read More
  • Remarkably, a businessman has been able to retrieve his iPhone after it fell during a flight at an impressive 9,300ft, using an app. Even more remarkable is that the phone's owner, Ben Wilson, says his phone was "scratched a bit" but still in working condition. Typical eh? You drop your phone from a plane and it's totally fine, but drop it off your desk and it smashes to pieces! Read More End of Story

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