Bitesized Blighty: June 17, 2016

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Due to the shocking and untimely death of Labour MP Jo Cox yesterday, both sides of the EU Referendum campaigns have united in the suspension of all campaign activity out of respect. Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in the street as she headed to a constituency surgery in her hometown of Birstall. Jo Cox was a mother of two, wife, human rights activist and a proud Yorkshire lass. Today tributes flooded in from both those inside and outside the political sphere, as David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn joined her constituents in laying floral tributes at the scene of the attack.

On Wednesday the Brexit/Bremain campaigns took to the seas in the run up to next week’s vote on Britain’s membership of the EU. UKIP leader Mr Farage led a flotilla of fishing boats from Kent up the Thames estuary to Westminster to urge Parliament take back control of British waters…But his Brexit armada was greeted by a rival Remain fleet carrying captained by none other than Sir Bob Geldolf!

Yesterday saw England VICTORIOUS!! The rare occasion of the English football team winning was truly a sight to behold. England, who drew against Russia in the first match, beat their neighbor Wales 2-1 with a fortunate goal from Sturridge in extra time and gained those all-important 3 points. Whilst the football hooligans continue to go awry, it was great to see some positivity from the English camp, particularly after our own dear Beth Leri fell victim to the tear gas thrown by French police in a harmless girl’s trip to Marseille last weekend. 

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