Bitesized Blighty: March 11, 2016

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Signs of a crumbling ‘special relationship’? A clash of swords today as Barack Obama accused our commander, David Cameron, of free riding over NATO’s defence budget. The statement - which is said to have since been retracted by the White House - came alongside concern from POTUS that the UK and France were not willing to pull their weight with defence issues upon their doorsteps.

This week, the UK has hosted the world’s most famous dog show, Crufts. Hundreds of dog owners from around the world brought their pooches to Birmingham to vie for the title of ‘Best in Show’.

Although she’s not actually British, this story concerns a British favourite - Maria Sharapova. The tennis player, who has frequently been ranked world number one, has admitted to have been using performance enhancing drugs to the dismay of the nation. Many have stood out in support of Maria, arguing that the drugs in question have only recently been banned; however, one such supporter is not the UK’s golden boy, Andy Murray, who made it clear that he thought it was disgraceful. 

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