Bitesized Blighty: March 3, 2017

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  • Theresa May faced the Scottish public this week in a speech where she put heavy emphasis on the "precious Union" of the UK. Another Scottish referendum has remained a threat in light of Brexit being triggered, but May carried a strong pro-Union theme in her address, insisted “logic and facts” were on the side of the UK.
  • After official Brexit talks have just begun, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being sent to Germany and Poland on official visits. The famed and favored couple has been making the rounds in Europe, and it is likely they are doing so to reiterate Theresa May’s insistence that leaving the European Union is not equal to leaving Europe. Nothing like a royal wedding, adorable prince or the like to unite nations, am I right?
  • Where do we even begin with Uber… Let’s just say it hasn’t been a great week for them (cough, their PR team). Transport for London (TfL) took Uber to court, saying that drivers should have to prove their ability to communicate in English. Uber has lost its attempt to prevent its drivers being forced to take English language tests

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