Bitesized Blighty: May 27, 2016

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The Brexit debate rumbled on and reached new heights following budget airline, Ryanair’s decision to actively campaign for Britain to remain in the EU (pun intended). The company has decided to increase its advertising and lobbying efforts to deliver its support, and has even chosen to brand its planes with pro-Europe slogans. CEO Michael O’Leary argued thatEurope had allowed Britons to enjoy affordable holidays through deregulating the airline industry, and that Ryanair would invest less in the UK if it were outside the EU.

This week saw the launch of theReclaim the Internet campaign, which calls for different institutions and social-media platforms to work together and tackle online sexism. The campaign has launched an online consultation to crowdsource new ideas on stamping out online abuse. Interestingly, research carried out by British think-tank Demos revealed the scale of misogynistic abuse on Twitter perpetuated by both men and women, and found that half of all sexist tweets come from women.

For the sports fans out there, this week saw 23 competitors at the London 2012 Olympic Games fail retrospective doping tests. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) retested 265 from the games to look at the athletes who could take part in this year’s Rio Olympics. In other sports’ news, former Chelsea FC manager and one of the most successful managers in the world, Jose Mourinho has been named Manchester United’s new manager. This is relatively unprecedented in the UK given the rivalry between the two football/soccer teams, but we’re looking forward to seeing how it all pans out in the new season.

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