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Bitesized Blighty: May 6, 2016

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You may remember that a few weeks ago we told you about Boaty McBoatface – the name chosen by an online poll for the UK’s brand new £200mn Arctic research vessel. Much to the nation’s disappointment, the name was rejected by the organisers who said that they reserved the right to choose a name they felt was more suitable. Although the campaign had intended on gaining some coverage, this could in many ways be regarded as a perfect PR ’disaster‘ – every Brit worth their tea has been waiting with bated breath to hear what the organisers are actually going to call the vessel. In honour of David Attenborough’s 90th birthday this Sunday, the boat shall be named after him - pretty solid birthday gift if you ask me!

Yesterday was Election Day with people up and down the country turning up to vote for a number of different reasons. In Scotland, people were voting for the devolved Scottish parliament – in the UK, many powers such as health, education, housing and tourism, are granted to a Scottish parliament that answers to but is largely independent of the Westminster government; in Wales, there was a very similar scenario; and in London, we were voting for our new Mayor. Although there were a number of mayoral candidates, it really was a two horse race between the Tory, Zac Goldsmith, and Labour’s Sadiq Khan; however, within the last few hours, Khan has been announced as victorious.

Now, we are continuously showing you the unattended classroom that is our House of Commons, but this really is something else. This week, Turkey’s incumbent government tried to push through a law which would strip members of parliament of their immunity from criminal prosecution. Now this sounds really rather reasonable... until you consider that the law would only have affected their political opponents. Needless to say, it didn’t go down very well – just watch it for yourselves... MENTAL SCENES!!  

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