Bitesized Blighty: November 11, 2016

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Today is Armistice day in the UK, a day when the UK pays their respects and commemorates the moment the guns fell silent for peace at the end of World War One, on 11 November 1918; silence fell for 2 minutes at 11:00 GMT to remember servicemen and women killed in battle. The Royal British Legion's Silence in the Square event was held in Trafalgar Square where people paid their respects by laying poppies in the fountains.

After the shock of the U.S election results on Wednesday, the U.K financial markets have since recovered ground. For the first time in five weeks’ sterling is worth $1.26, having sunk as low as $1.21 a month ago. That is a rise of about four. One analyst said the US election had put concerns about Brexit "on the back burner". Donald Trump's election as US President has also raised hopes that the UK may find it easier to negotiate a trade deal with the US.

Finally, the biggest shock of the week was the alteration of chocolate mass in the Toblerone bars. Instead of the usual closely packed prisms, the bars had large gaps between the triangles. More significantly, British customers immediately linked the change to the UK vote to leave the EU. The fall in the pound since then has already been blamed for planned price increases to British products including Walkers crisps and Marmite spread. But, Mondelez insisted the change was due to the 2015 rise in the value of the Swiss franc, which put up production costs, and was unrelated to Brexit. Blasphemy!

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