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Bitesized Blighty: November 17, 2017

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  • The UK’s Brexit bill negotiations are about to begin. After months of legal jostling, British negotiators have signaled their readiness to discuss specifics of the EU’s demands for a financial settlement. During a meeting in Brussels last week, the UK side asked what the basis for calculations would be “if” Britain were to pay a share of EU financial liabilities. One senior EU official says the conversations are moving from whether Britain should pay, to the question of “what is fair?"
  • This week, estate agent Strutt & Parker published findings which blamed “young urbanites” for wasting too much money on sandwiches, nights out, and city breaks. According to the findings young people could save more than £6,000-per-year by cutting back on just one night out each week, Strurr & Parker calculated that each millennial spends an average of £115 on one night's clubbing! But can millennials be blamed for having a few more vodka-tonics during the weekend, over years of miserable penny-pinching?
  • As Black Friday quickly approaches, it is estimated British shoppers are expected to spend £10.1bn during the week of Black Friday, nearly 4% higher than last year as more retailers take part in the US-inspired promotional day. According to experts, most activity is expected to take place online with the discounts likely being less exciting on the REAL day. 

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