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Bitesized Blighty: October 21, 2016

Immy Ransom

Ships Ahoy! Today, a flotilla of Russian warships passed through the English Channel en route to Syria. Although EU leaders have strongly condemned Russia’s involving in the bombing of Syria, Russia decided to plan their route with an “awesome” display through the channel for all to see. Two British naval ships are shadowing the vessels. The Ministry of Defence said they would be "man-marked every step of the way" while near UK waters. The ships are within international waters, so no trespassing occurred, but the defence Secretary said the UK would "be watching as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe."

In Brexit news, Theresa May ruffled up feathers and angered European leaders by telling her first EU summit she expects Britain to remain at the centre of European decision-making until Brexit takes place. The prime minister said in a brief speech at the end of an EU dinner in Brussels, that Britain wanted to play a key role in meetings and decision making until it leaves the EU. This brought about a lot of controversy; according to Manfred Weber, leader of the Christian Democrats in the European parliament, “When somebody wants to leave a club, it is not normal that such a member wants to decide about the future of this club.” Hard Brexit but string European involvement until then; May is sending mixed messages!

Something smells fishy…An expert has been left puzzled as to why a fin whale has washed up on the coast of north Norfolk (east England). As you all know, exotic fish tend not to stick around in the grey waters of the English Channel, so when the 40ft (12m) whale was discovered by wardens at the Holkham National Nature Reserve on Thursday, people were left confused to say the least. Evolutionary biologist Dr. Ben Garrod said it was "really unusual" for a fin whale to be found on the east coast and that "It should not be in those waters”. Investigations are still undergoing as to why the whale had ventured out that far.

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