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Bitesized Blighty: October 28, 2016

Alice Ford

  • Just when everyone thought Uber couldn’t cause any more problems in London, more scandal has surfaced from Uber categorising their drivers as “self-employed” and therefore not receiving minimum wage or holiday/sick leave. However, this week campaigners won the battle at a London employment tribunal having hailed a landmark ruling giving Uber drivers such rights. The ruling found drivers for the cab service should not be treated as self-employed and have the same working rights as other staff.
  • Since the Russian war ships passed through the English Channel last week, there has been significant controversy surrounding their potential “motives.” One theory described by The Independent, states that the decision to sail a fleet of Russian warships through the English Channel could be a “distraction” to divert the world’s attention from military operations elsewhere. An analyst described how they have captured the media’s attention and potentially distracting the world from more important things happening elsewhere.
  • Finally, the final of The Great British Bake Off aired on Wednesday reaching record figures as more than half of the TV-watching nation tuned in. For those who don’t know, The Great British Bake Off showcases Britain’s finest baking, with selected members of the public impressing two judges with their sublime baking skills over 10 weeks to become the Bake-Off champion. More than half of all people watching television at 8pm on Wednesday night tuned into GBBO, as the final episode of the seventh series scored its highest viewing figures ever. 

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