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Bitesized Blighty: September 1, 2017

Immy Ransom

Bitesize Blighty

  •  The third round of Brexit talks wrapped up in Brussels yesterday. The negotiations appear to have hit a stalemate with the UK and EU teams failing to make progress on a number of critical areas. Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator for Brexit, has deemed UK’s approach as "unrealistic", saying they are "not serious, fair or even possible". The negotiations are due to resume in three weeks, and trade talks are top if the UK’s agenda.
  •  This week, Theresa May visited Japan seeking a free trade deal based on the EU-Japan agreement. However, talks were overshadowed by threats from North Korea after a missile was fired over northern Japan on Tuesday, the Prime Minister is due to announce an increase in mutual cooperation over defence and cyber security.
  •  Teachers at some of England’s most famous and elite schools have been suspended following accusations of cheating. Charterhouse, Eton and Winchester College have suspended senior members of staff after allegations that students were leaked upcoming exam questions. As a consequence exam regulator Ofqual is now reviewing the current regulations in which teachers take part in writing and reviewing question papers.  
  • The winner of Miss UK 2017 has given up her crown this week after being told to lose weight to compete at an international level. The size 10 pageant queen (that’s size 6 in US sizes) responded by giving up her title and taking a hiatus from beauty contests. She has pledged to use her experience to combat body shaming – but has emphasised the “some pageants promote charity work and body positivity.” 

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