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Bitesized Blighty: September 20, 2019

Hector Don

  • Boris Johnson heads off this week for the annual gathering of world leaders at the UN summit in NY, where despite the official focus on subjects including the environment and Iran, Brexit seems likely to dominate the PM's agenda. He plans to hold talks with EU officials at the UN, as well as holding talks with Emmanuel Macron of France and Germany's Angela Merkel
  • The Labour party's plan to hand 10 percent of shares from UK-based companies to workers over a decade would see British pension funds lose £31bn, according to new research. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell's plan would see 'inclusive ownership funds' transfer 1 percent of shares in all large UK companies to workers annually for 10 years
  • Organisers say the climate protests today were the biggest-ever environmental protest the UK had seen, with 300-350,000 taking part, including more than 100,000 in London and tens of thousands more in towns and cities from Edinburgh to Bristol, Leeds and Brighton. There were over 200 demonstrations across the UK. 

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