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Bitesized Blighty: September 6, 2019

Mark Rapaport

  • There’s just so much Brexit news. Boris Johnson tried to suspend Parliament. He was overruled, and kicked those Conservatives who voted against him out of the party. Now there’s talk of an election. A bill to block a no-deal Brexit passed the upper house. Will the UK crash out or leave the EU with a deal on the 31st October? We still don’t know, but here’s an explainer video to get you to the same point of despair that we’re at RN.
  • The PM have told British airways to ‘sort out’ the planned pilots strike in a row over pay. BA would not say how many flights had been affected, but reports suggested it was around 1,600 flights.
  • Half the editorial team were extremely pleased to see Australian cricket captain Steve Smith score 211 runs in the fourth match of the Ashes, which continues today (the other half was not). If you’d like to know what a run is, or what the Ashes are, or what cricket is, see here and here and here

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