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Celebrity Baby Name Sponsorships: The Final Frontier of Advertising?

Maggie Edinger

The most epic moment in the history of brand management took place this Saturday. No, Apple did not release another iPhone. I’m talking about the launch of the newest brand in Kris Jenner’s multimillion dollar portfolio: the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby!

The much anticipated Baby Kardashian-West will remain known by her tabloid christened name “Baby Kimye” for the time being. Born five weeks premature, Baby Kimye’s parents don’t yet have a name for her other than “the world’s most famous baby besides Kate Middleton’s.”


Four days old and still anonymous – a nearly impossible feat for a member of the Kardashian clan – naming Baby Kimye represents perhaps the biggest opportunity in brand sponsorship since Wrigley chewing gum slapped its moniker on the Chicago Cubs’ home stadium.

In a day and age where you can watch halftime highlights sponsored by OfficeMax, drive a car wrapped in a Red Bull ad and tattoo your employer on your body for a 15 percent raise, it would seem like there are no opportunities that brands haven’t purchased.

Enter “purchasing the naming rights to celebrity babies.”

Just to get the creative juices flowing, I’d like to throw a couple of ideas out there:

Starbucks: Verisima
A feminine take on their at-home brewing machine Verisimo.

Microsoft Bing: Bing
I actually have a Filipino relative who is named Bing, so this is a legit name.

Pizza Hut: Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza
It’s a little unwieldy, but would allow Pizza Hut to publicize its newest culinary offering.

Are there any brands that you would like to see sponsor Baby Kimye?

*UPDATE: MediaTakeOut reports a source within the hospital revealed Kanye and Kim have named Baby Kimye Kaidence Donda West. Until this is officially verified, let the bidding continue.

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