CJP Demonstrates Mental and Physical Toughness

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Every year, CJP participates in the Westport Kiwanis Triathlon and this year will be no exception. What started as a very small event (three or four participants from CJP) a couple of years ago has grown to be an event that brings out the competitive spirit of more than 20 CJP employees and clients.

I have to admit—the growth of the event did surprise me a little bit—but understanding the value of exercising, I think most of our clients would be happy to know that the physical energy we exert (separately or as a group) is likely benefiting our clients in the end. According to WebMD, exercise increases brainpower and energy levels, fights off disease and boosts performance, which are all vitally important in our business and others.

There are so many articles out there that comment on the habits of highly-successful people, but here’s one more. Basically the article says that successful people take care of themselves, which means being physically fit and healthy. Take, for example, our president. President Obama gets up (very early) and always does his workout in the morning. Now, it’s clear that the man is dedicated to the process and that he is a very structured individual because he says, “If you want something done, do it first. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll fit it into your schedule, because something else always comes up.”

This is one of the reasons we will be participating in an early-morning triathlon on Sunday, Sept. 11. This year, we have more solo participants than any other year we’ve participated. The event allows us to work together on a team (or separately should they choose) and spend time in an atmosphere that we’re not accustomed to seeing one another in.

We deal with stress every day at our jobs... but not physical. We bring passion into the workplace every day... but rarely see it exhibited in places other than our client work. We are sometimes tired at work... but it’s not the same “tired” you feel after completing a triathlon. And yet, at the end of the day, I have never received negative feedback on the event (except for having to swim in Long Island Sound).

I admire the strength, tenacity, preparedness and mental willpower that the CJP team and clients have to not only participate in a physically and mentally-taxing event but do so in front of colleagues and clients who can share in an experience that “you don’t just see every day.”

Congratulations to the CJP Sprint Triathlon team members and we wish you the best of luck in September. Please keep an eye out for the post-triathlon blog post, which will include photos, anecdotes and obits (I kid, I kid...) from the big day.  CJP

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