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CJP Named a Top-10 Entrepreneurial Company

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Army of EntrepreneursCJP was named among the top 10 most entrepreneurial companies in New York City by the New York Enterprise Report last week.

This is a huge honor and something I am personally very proud of.  For years, I have striven to bring out the entrepreneur within each person at our firm.  And I have seen people do the most incredible things.  Among our ranks we have folks who have built departments, launched new products, revamped our recruiting efforts and managed our social media presence.  They have cared deeply for our company and for their careers and, along the way, became so much more than employees, they are engaged intrapreneurs.  We call our owner-like model the “Army of Entrepreneurs” and we are not alone.  Companies like Virgin Atlantic have embraced this same philosophy.  In our history we have received many awards for our work, but personally, this accolade is among the most gratifying because of what motivates me to come to work every day -- working with a team of ambitious people that I can inspire to do even greater things than they believed were possible.

Developing human potential is the psychic income that keeps me engaged and inspired every day.  On June 22, I will have the pleasure of speaking on this topic at the New York Enterprise Report’s event entitled “Beyond Motivation:  Ignite Your Employees and Watch Profits Grow.”

Hope you’ll join us. CJP

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