Coffee for a Cause: Starbucks Continues To Put Its Money Where Its Caffeine Is

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Let’s face it: there aren’t too many people out there who don’t like supporting a good cause. The Ebenezer Scrooges of the world are (at least in my experience) few and far between. That being said, with the busy lifestyle of the average American, it’s not always easy to stand up and fight for what’s right. Finding the time or the money for charity work in the go-go-go work world and slow-slow-slow economic world can be a challenge. That’s why I think companies like Starbucks have done a stand up job at making a difference.

In the past, our Fearless Leader Jen Prosek has blogged about Howard Schultz's Upward Spiral campaign. The mission: to "set in motion an ‘upward spiral’ of confidence in our country and its economy." Now, Starbucks is making it even easier to help the economy and support a good cause.

Recently, the coffee chain introduced its new “Indivisible Blend”; a bright flavor and light bodied coffee that is retailing for $14.95/lb. What makes this blend different than their others? Five dollars from the sale of every bag will go directly to Opportunity Finance Network and the Create Jobs for USA Fund.

As an office manager for our firm, I’m at Starbucks buying coffee what seems like every day. It’s good to know that now I’m not only helping my coworkers have a pleasant morning, but also doing a little bit to help others find opportunity while helping to “get America working again.”

What other companies are making it easy to do ‘give back’ in our everyday actions? We’d love to hear (in the comments) because as long as we have errands to run, we may as well be changing the world while we do them. CJP  

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