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Easy Marketing Resolutions for Financial Advisors

Amanda Lake

It’s common knowledge that financial advisors are wearing more hats than ever – and COVID-19 has only exacerbated this trend. Advisors and wealth managers are investment experts, life coaches and therapists – not to mention, business development pros, entrepreneurs, employers and students of an evolving industry. Given all of this, it’s not surprising that marketing, while incredibly important, can also be quickly deprioritized.

As 2021 approaches, here are three simple resolutions for advisors and wealth managers to make when it comes to marketing their business and expertise.

Share This Article. When you come across an article that clearly articulates a concept your client has been struggling to understand or wants to know more about, pass it along. Perhaps a piece on provides a perfect explainer on the value of ESG. Maybe a podcast goes deep on how strategic beta fits into a portfolio. Perhaps you see a column in The New York Times about the challenges of raising children to be grounded despite growing up wealthy. Sharing articles can strengthen client relationships by demonstrating that you’re thinking about them and invested in their financial education. It also creates an opening to check in with clients beyond twice-yearly calls about investment allocation.

Resolve to send an article to clients every other week and see what type of engagement you get.

Stand Out with LinkedIn. There are countless ways LinkedIn can help you connect with clients, peers and prospects. While the platform can feel overwhelming, you don’t need to tackle it all at once. Small, simple engagements can have a ripple effect. For example, commenting on or engaging with a post will make you more visible to your followers. So, let’s say that article is on LinkedIn. Just “liking” or commenting on it will make that post, along with your engagement, show up in followers’ feeds. The article isn’t on LinkedIn? You can share the link in an original post along with your take on it – is the article missing something important? Is there a passage you think should be required reading? – call it out. Another example of easy engagement is commenting on or “liking” a peer’s post. Your followers will see that you’re tuned in – and your name will become a more regular fixture on their feed.

Resolve to keep an appointment with yourself once or twice a week to spend 30 minutes on LinkedIn and set an engagement goal for content to share, comments to post or “likes” to give.

Meet the Press. Regional reporters are often required to write about highly localized trends and insights, which can be difficult to access when it comes to financial advice. Scroll through the website of your local Business Journal or daily paper and identify a reporter who writes about wealth, personal finance or even small businesses. You can typically find their email address on the website by clicking the reporter’s name or looking at the “Contact Us” / “About Us” sections. Send the reporter a short note that introduces who you are, your area of expertise and how you might be able to help them with stories in the future. Even suggest setting up an introduction over Zoom. Next time they are working on a story, you might be their first call. Just remember: Assume you’re always on the record and anything you say is fit to print.

Resolve to make one new media connection this year.

These resolutions are uncomplicated and take very little time to execute. Not only can they help you become more visible to clients and prospects, but they can actually be fun and allow you to develop new skills.  

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