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I must admit.  I have been honored, humbled and shocked by the invitations I have received to speak to women’s entrepreneur groups.  In fact, I fly to Oklahoma City today to speak to 700 women at the WE Inspire Conference at the Spears School of Business.  Sometimes I scratch my head and ask, “Why did you ask me to speak?”

Of course, one reason is my new book, “Army of Entrepreneurs,” and the buzz it’s been getting thanks to my crack PR team at CJP; but another honest reason is that I am among a small handful of female entrepreneurs who are “operating in a man’s world.”  Given so much of our client base is Wall Street oriented, there is some fascination behind how a young women has connected with and grown a business among, well, so many men. Belizean Grove

This weekend’s New York Times ran an article about a women’s club of sorts I had never hear of called the Belizean Grove.  It’s no wonder I hadn’t heard of it – it’s a secret society.  Founded 12 years ago with about 125 members, it’s considered the world’s most prestigious old girls club. Female Supreme Justices, corporate board members, CEOs and entrepreneurs are among its members.  It is known for mentoring up its kind and having the ultimate goal of electing the first female president.  Like most people, I hadn’t heard of them.  And frankly the idea of these women’s groups has generally been a turnoff to me.  But this group is different – this is a real power group of epic ovarian proportions!

So, I am putting it out there Grovers – if you want me you’ve got me!  I want in!  Luckily I have a few years to continue to impress all of you; the average member is in her 50s or 60s.  Thanks! CJP

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